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Infiniti achieves all-time record sales from January to November of this year

INFINITI has achieved an all-time record this year, with 221,204 vehicles sold globally, an increase of 8%.
INFINITI achieved all-time record sales from January to November in Americas; in U.S., with 137,036 vehicles (+14%); in Canada, with 11,702 (+6%); in China, with 42,585 (+15%); and in Taiwan, with 2,208 (+25%).
INFINITI achieved the best November sales ever in its two biggest markets: Americas (with 14,360 vehicles, up 6%) and China (with 4,608, up 15%).
So far this year, INFINITI has sold 15,682 vehicles in Europe, 5,578 in the Middle East, and 6,005 in Asia and Oceania.
HONG KONG – INFINITI is on a roll. The premium brand has achieved record sales so far this year and unveiled two new global SUVs last month: the QX80 and QX50.
INFINITI has sold 221,204 vehicles so far this year globally, an increase of 8% and a new record. In November, INFINITI sold 20,790 vehicles globally, 4% more than last November. It was the best November sales month for INFINITI in the Americas and China.
Christian Meunier, INFINITI Global Division VP, INFINITI Global Sales Operations and Marketing, said: “INFINITI is on a roll. Last week, we unveiled the all-new QX50 midsize crossover. It has stunning good looks inside and out; it has great semiautonomous technology; and it features the world’s first variable compression ratio engine, the VC-Turbo, which provides the power of a V6 combined with the fuel efficiency of a four-cylinder. The midsize premium segment is one of the fastest growing segments on the planet, making our all-new QX50 the right vehicle, at the right time, with the right technology, in the right segment. We also unveiled the new QX80 full-size SUV. With its combination of power, sumptuous interior, advanced technologies and utility, the QX80 will be a major success. We thank the INFINITI customers around the world for their continued trust in the INFINITI brand and our products, and we thank our dealers for their dedication and commitment to the business.”

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