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Infiniti QX30

Available at Maidstone Infiniti Centre

"quirky looks, long list of standard equipment and neat cabin design" - Auto Express Test Team

Auto Express Review

"the steering offers decent resistance immediately off the straight-ahead" - Autocar Deputy Reviews Editor Vicky Parrott

Autocar Review

Get ahead then go, in the Infiniti QX30 experience disruptive design and innovation to elevate your style, journey and destination. With QX30, find more control, more confidence and more power - no matter how far you go. Leave shift delays behind with the 7 speed dual clutch transmissions.

It efficiently handles QX30's power by intelligently pre selecting lower or higher gears before a shift needs to be made, which means you change gears as fast as you press the shift paddle. When road condition change, Intelligent All Wheel Drive responds by sending anywhere from zero to 50% power to the rear wheels. So you get four wheel drive traction when you need it, front wheel drive efficiency when you don't.

The QX30 harnesses a range of dynamic performance technologies to deliver a smooth, precise driving experience. Whether you navigate the streets or break away on the open road, find performance that keeps on giving. Avoid loss of traction while braking with Electronic Brake Force Distribution. It intelligently distributes braking force to each wheel, depending on the conditions. This means you get better control while stopping and reduced front end dive.

Sporty yet forgiving, QX30's shocks hold the vehicle tighter as you turn while also softening the feel of bumpy roads. It's a rare balance of responsive handling and a smooth ride. Giving an overall sporty feel, the speed sensitive steering system is lighter at low speed to make manoeuvres less demanding. As you reach higher speeds, it increases weight for more controlled cruising.

Feel expressive Infiniti design in every curve and arch of QX30, re imagined to make your presence known - wherever you go. Make a statement, get a reaction. The QX30 demands to be noticed with flowing signature bodywork and bold design features that leave an impressive long after you have left.

If you're forced to take evasive action, Vehicle Dynamic Control can apply individual brakes to intuitively correct over steer or understeer, and help keep you on your intended path. The Infiniti Advanced Air Bag System adjusts how fast the airbags inflate, depending on the severity if the impact and seat belt usage. Also included are driver's knew air bag, front seat mounted side impact supplemental air bags, and roof mounted curtain supplemental air bags with rollover sensor to help provide additional head protection.

To enhance grip when accelerating, the QX30's Traction Control System senses wheel spin and reduced engine output, and can slow the spinning wheel to help give you a better grip. Whether you have a slow puncture or have just lost some pressure, the QX30's tyre pressure monitoring system will warn you before it becomes a problem.

The world doesn't disappear the moment you get behind the wheel. In the QX30, the world is brought with you. Infiniti InTouch makes your world flow. Available on selected grades, it integrates navigation, convenience, security, and entertainment into a single 7 inch dash mounted state of the art system. Instantly take control of your driving experience with touch access to a suite of safety, security and convenience services on a single 7" screen.

Fine tune your interior for total convenience and comfort. Infiniti InTouch makes it easy to tweak the temperature, audio visual preferences, navigation and more. Store up to 200 settings for a custom feel that elevates every drive. Infiniti InTouch remembers and auto adjusts to the settings of up to four people, so your QX30 is completely tuned to you before you even get in, regardless of who drove last.

The QX30's bold design and higher ride height gives you better visibility, and bigger road presence. All while delivering focused, sporty driving that you can really feel. Set the road more clearly and securely. The QX30's LED headlights feature an adaptive front lighting system that automatically changes the light pattern to follow the direction of the road. This enhances night visibility, cutting through the darkness to help keep you focused on what is ahead.

The unmissable rear fog lamps make your presence known to those behind when the conditions demand it. The QX30's side mirrors come prepared. Power folding and heated to fight the frost, on the driver's side they auto dim under direct glare to give you the advantage whatever the manoeuvres.

Eye inspired LED headlights give a provocative stare that can be seen from both the front and side. Opt for the Glass Pack. A panoramic glass roof with power sunshade invites streaming natural light to add a spacious quality to the cabin. Opt for the exceptionally supple nappa leather, selected for its softness and durability, to add unrivaled comfort to seating, as well as enhancing other surfaces throughout the cabin.

Look over luxury with a leatherette appointed stitched dash insert and console, for a refined, stylish driving experience. Opening the rear lift gates makes for effortless loading and unloading. Clear from any obstruction, you'll have direct access to the spacious cargo area. What's more, the 60/40 folding rear seats open up more space to carry more.

Appreciate the richness of the journey with a leather wrapped steering wheel featuring paddles shifters. Seize the comfort of a superior driving experience and don't let go. Our comprehensive shield of protection approach to safety layers technologies monitor conditions. They can help reduce the risk of a collision and help to protect you and your passengers if one occurs.

Set your speed and following distance, and let Intelligent Cruise Control not only maintain but automatically adjust your speed to adapt to the traffic flow. Blind Spot Warning helps alert the driver to vehicles detected in the blind spot area. An indicator illuminates if the presence of another vehicle is detected, followed by an indicator light flash and an audible warning sound if the driver engages the turn signal. Lane Departure Warning utilises a camera to monitor the distance between your vehicle and the lane markings. If you drift towards the lane markers. the system can provide a haptic warning.

An optional 10 speaker Bose Premium audio system will transform your vehicle into a mobile sound studio. Two USB ports give you twice the opportunities. Get instant access to your music library, charge your smartphone, and listen to tunes from a USB stick. Turn your Bluetooth enabled smartphone into a music source and listen to your top playlists over QX30's state of the art Bose audio system.

With voice recognition technology, never take your eyes from the road. Use voice commands to control your phone, navigation, entertainment, and vehicle information systems. The QX30's Intelligent Key recognises you on approach, so you can unlock the doors, and the trunk, without having to uncover your key. Once inside, just push a button to start the engine.

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