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New Infiniti Q70 in Maidstone, Kent

Available at Infiniti Centre Maidstone

Beyond the conventions of your ordinary luxury sedan, you will find the Infiniti Q70, where luxury knows no bounds. Imagine intuitive design, tactile engineering, and intuitive performance.

"If you like gadgets then you really need to get yourself an Infiniti M. This thing is heaving with standard kit – ForestAir to waft soothing smells over you from the climate control, sat nav, iPod connection, parking sensors, leather seats, Bluetooth. There’s hardly anything you can tick on the option list because the standard list is so comprehensive." - Top Gear Writer Anonymous

Top Gear Review

"The new Infiniti M30d is certainly far worthier of your consideration than its petrol equivalent" - Car Magazine Contributor Stephen Worthy

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"If you're a fan of straight-line acceleration then the hybrid's 0-62mph time of 5.3 seconds is impressive, as is the refinement" - Auto Express Test Team

Auto Express Review

"I'm a sucker for Infiniti's flowing, wavy design language, and it works better on a five-metre saloon than anywhere else." - Autocar Road Tester Nic Crackett

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You're here to accomplish something significant. The Q70 reshapes the way we get there. Outstanding power, outstanding control, our cutting edge systems put it all at your fingertips. Around View Monitor with Moving Object Detection and Front and Rear Sonar takes the effort out of parking. The systems work together to produce a simulated 360 bird's eye view to give you a better perspective of what's around you. The LED Bi-Xenon headlights do more than impress - they extend your ability to see more by shedding light in the direction of your turn thanks to the Adaptive Front lighting System.

Lane Departure Prevention warns if it detects you drifting from your lane. If the drift continues, it lightly applies selected brakes to help ease you back. But you never give up control as it's designed to assist, not override. Back up Collision Intervention increases your awareness and ability to react. As you reverse, the system warns you if an object is detected behind your vehicle and can help you avoid a collision by applying the brakes.

Featuring state of the art safety systems including curtain side impact air bags, load limiters and pretensioners in the front seat belts, and a reinforced passenger compartment made of ultra high strength steel, the Infiniti Q70 is built to keep you and your passengers safe. The Blind Spot Intervention System detects vehicles entering the blind spot area in an adjacent lane to help you avoid it. First, a warning light illuminates, then, if you begin moving toward the occupied lane, a warning sounds. The system will even apply opposite side brakes to help guide the Infiniti Q70 back to the centre of your current lane.

Predictive Forward Collision Warning scans ahead, even monitoring the vehicle that's ahead of the one in front of you, to help warn you of potential danger and give you a better chance of avoiding a collision. With advanced technologies, Infiniti InSuite anticipates your needs, simplifies tasks and allows you to enjoy the ride in complete comfort. Available with our Premium, Tech and Sport Tech models, the Bose Premium Surround Sound System boasts 16 speakers, including 4 which have been mounted on the shoulders of the front seats. Each one is custom tuned to deliver rich and realistic 5.1 surround sound imaging for greater entertainment for the driver and passengers.

Dual zone adaptive climate controlled front seats surround you in greater comfort by pushing cool or warm air through the front seats to keep you entirely in your preferred temperature zone. Arrive at your destination refreshed and relaxed. Welcome Lighting elegantly draws you into the driving experience. It lights your way as you approach and acknowledges your presence by illuminating the interior. Active Noise Control offers peaceful solace from the outside world. Intelligent technology detects road or wind noise and neutralises it with opposing sound waves for a more serene driving experience.

Distinction comes from within, our outer world reflects our inner passions. A sweeping crescent of daytime running lights creates a unique visual signature day and night. The instant glow of the LED tail lights are more than distinct - they illuminate brighter and faster than conventional bulbs when you brake to warn those that follow.

Framed with chrome detailing, the Q70's double arch grille with three dimensional waved mesh gives the front fascia a distinctive appearance. As your eyes follow the sleek lines of the Q70's smooth exterior you'll discover a crescent shape that conveys a sense of both strength and elegance. Available as standard on all powertrains, including the 4 cylinder version, the double exhaust visually demonstrates the power and performance, and produces a richer sound that will stir the emotions.

Enter a place where new ways of thinking lead to a better point of view. The Q70 provides versatility tailored to the needs of everyone inside. Its low, wide stance maximises head and hip room for all, while the backs of the front seats are designed to give rear passengers extra legroom. Every component of the Infiniti Q70 is crafted for recognition by shape and feel, ensuring that you connect with it intuitively, by touch alone.

As you are constantly in contact with your seatbelt, we've sourced a softer variable herringbone weave that's not only smoother to touch but is also less likely to damage your clothing. Imbued with elegance and luxury, the Q70's interior is finished with White Ash silver powdered wood trim that has been hand polished to produce a deep and rich lustre. Choose the Premium Tech grade and you'll enjoy a new level of comfort from the driving seat, with high quality semi aniline leather seats as standard.

The robust design, impressive power and exceptional fuel efficiency of an Infiniti engine delivers an uncommonly smooth and refined performance. Factor in advanced precise technologies like Variable Valve Event and Lift and the possibilities seem limitless. All it takes is a tap of the accelerator. Accelerator Swell transforms mechanical power into emotional excitement. Precise turning unleashes torque over a broader rev range, so the feeling of acceleration lasts longer and is shaped to increase the faster you go.

Designed with performance in mind, the Front Midship Platform places the engine closer to the centre of the car so your Q70 can confidently enter corners and maintains stability driving out of them. 4WAS (4 Wheel Active Steering) engages each wheel as you steer. Your Q70 turns in and tracks with clarity and precision to make cornering more immediate, stable and exciting.

When you flick the magnesium paddle shifter of the Infiniti Q70, Downshift Rev Matching blips the throttle to ready the engine for the lower gear. It gives you the power of performance driving with smoother downshifts, increased stability and more consistent engine power. A performance car speaks to you through its exhaust, and the specially tuned exhaust on the Infiniti Q70 shapes that sound into something uniquely compelling and unmistakable.

Performance is more than speed, which is why the Q70 employs opposed piston brake calipers. They apply stopping force from both sides of the rotor at the same time for better bite, more friction and a direct feel.

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