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Infiniti Q60

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The Infiniti Q60 has arrived. The all-new Q60 allows you to "Redefine the drive". The car has been given daring curves and a powerful stance which is made clear by the exhilarating performance of the two-turbo charged 405 horsepower V6 engine.

The Q60 is available in 4 different trims; Q60 Premium, Q60 Premium Tech, Q60S Sport, Q60S Sport Tech. Between the four trims, the Q60 will be available in ten different external colours, three interior colours and four interior trims. The four interior trims available are; Brushed Aluminium, Dark Maple Wood, Silver Optic Fibre and Carbon Fibre. The three interior colours available are; Graphite Semi-Aniline Leather, Gallery White Semi-Aniline Leather and Monaco Red Semi-Aniline Leather. Solar Mica, Midnight Black, Liquid Platinum, Graphite Shadow, Black Obsidian, Dynamic Sunstone Red, Moonlight White, Pure White, Iridum Blue and Hagane Blue are the ten different exterior colours available for the Q60. There are two wheel types for the car which are both produced from Aluminium. The only difference is the number of spokes on the wheel.

"The Q60’s cabin will be a comfortable place in which most owners may spend time. Its leather sports front seats are well-shaped and a good size, and there’s space in the back for smaller adults or children, as is roughly the prevailing standard on practicality for cars such as this." - Autocar Chief Tester Matt Saunders

Autocar Reviews

"its direct in town but stable on motorways, and gives very advanced assisted lane-keeping, and a significant and worthwhile reduction in kickback on straight but bumpy roads." - Top Gear Writer Anonymous

Top Gear Review

"it feels very modern and – to be honest – it’s definitely a sign of things to come. Do long-haul pilots lament the advent of fly-by-wire, I wonder? Probably not" - Car Magazine Contributor Gareth Evans

Car Magazine Review

"The Infiniti Q60 makes an interesting and distinctive alternative to the popular flock of German four-seat coupes. It’s reasonably comfortable and refined, plus comes loaded with kit." - Auto Express Test Team

Auto Express Review


Both emotion and daring design were boundless when it came to creating the external design of the Q60. The car has an athletic stance thanks to the large 19" alloy wheels combined with the red sport brakes with opposed front and rear callipers. Infiniti signature cues express a unique design language. The double-arch grille reflects a bridge, with the arc of the top mirroring the arc of the bottom. Optical-inspired LED headlights give a provocative stare, while the crescent-shaped C-pillar curves forward, punctuating the exterior with dynamic detail. Using a revolutionary 3-D stamping process that allows for aggressive creases and deep curves, the high character lines capture your imagination. Engineers even redesigned the door hinges so the leading edge tucks into the fender to provide dramatic sculpting.


The cabin is able to celebrate the driver with bold thinking and fine modern materials. With no detail overlooked, the all-new Q60 comes with seat belts that are made from a soft, durable herringbone weave that helps reduce friction so they’re comfortable, snag-resistant and easy to remove when opening the clasp. Feel the sport-inspired difference. The end product of zero gravity research, science meets style in the new shape and cushioning of the drivers’s seat, which is specially designed to help minimise fatigue on long drives. Deep bolsters help hold you in place and sporty integrated headrests provide the right support for a comfortable ride. An additional interior feature is the exclusive flexible doorstop, that can hold open in virtually all positions. This reduces the risk of damage to the car's exterior when parking in tight spaces.


The Q60 comes in two different engine types; Q60 2.0t and Q60S 3.0t. The 2-litre version allows you to feel the rush of a turbo. Experience the fuel economy of a four-cylinder. With optimal power and efficiency, you glide forward confidently. The turbo spools quickly to produce 211 PS at 5,500 rpm and outputs a stirring 350 Nm of torque while achieving 41.5 mpg combined fuel consumption. With the new V6 twin-turbo engine in the Q60S, torque builds quickly, acceleration is instant and power feels limitless. Direct Injection Gasoline (DIG), water-cooled air charging, a turbo speed sensor and advanced turbine blade design make for quicker response and a higher peak.


The Q60 is the first car to unleash both digital suspension and steering. When you turn the wheel, Direct Adaptive Steering does something no other steering system can do. It transmits driver input at the speed of electrons versus the speed of mechanical linkages. Since your steering is digitally processed, you get the response you want. Smooth. Quick. Precise. The all-new Q60 recalibrates the balance between comfort and performance into something revolutionary. Change from comfort-biased to dynamic ride with the push of a button and release a highly personal and responsive experience. Without you doing a thing, Dynamic Digital Suspension continually adjusts to corners and road imperfections for confidence on any road. Select between Standard, Snow, ECO1, Sport, Sport+1 and Personal modes. Then, further tailor your drive by tuning steering, engine and suspension inputs.


Infiniti inTouch with Navigation and Infiniti inTouch Services seamlessly bring your world into your car. You are able to stay in contact with your voice, text, calendar, navigation and music. Infiniti inTouch services has the following features; Vehicle health report, Maintenance alert notification, Malfunction notification, my car finder, remote horn, remote lights, call Infiniti assistance and Infiniti inTouch "Tracking with Theft & Burglary notification".

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