New Infiniti QX70 in Maidstone, Kent

Available at Infiniti Centre Maidstone

The Infiniti QX50 is the very definition of a luxury crossover; merging alluring coupé design, welcoming touches and intuitive technology, the QX50 is not just an extension of style, it is an extension of self. 


As with all Infiniti models, there is no detail that is too small to inspire Infiniti designers. From the continuation of materials, and the tactile selection of fabrics, the cabin of the QX50 represents visual perfection. Electroluminescent gauges and the Advanced Climate Control System, featuring the innovative Plasmacluster® air purifier, mean that the cabin feels luxurious and open to all passengers. 


With welcome lighting that can make you feel like a special guest every time that you enter your QX50, and simple yet effective design means that the vehicle is more than capable of being an emotionally transcendent environment. 

Smooth curves and sweeping lines mean that the QX50 glides through the air, making light work of weaving in and out of corners and turns. Eye-catching 19-inch alloy wheels heighten both the looks and performance of the QX50. Lightweight thanks to both material and design, they significantly reduce unsprung weight. This reduction of mass allows the suspension to be more finely tuned, the handling to be more nimble, and the driving experience to be even more exhilarating.


Despite its powerful 3.7-litre V6 engine, the QX50 is intelligent and efficient. Boasting Variable Valve Event and Lift (VVEL) technology, the engine adjusts to ensure optimal fuel efficiency. The result is a stirring 320 horsepower that still manages to achieve up to 25 miles per gallon.


Like all models in the Infiniti range, the QX50 benefits from the intuitive Infiniti InSuite™ range of advanced technologies which are able to anticipate and simplify many tasks, whilst leaving you in control. Parking concerns are alleviated with the intelligent Around View Monitor, simulating a 360 view of your vehicle as you navigate surrounding objects to park.

Furthermore, an adaptive front lighting system and a state-of-the-art Bose premium sound system, all combine to ensure that your QX50 has thought of everything.

QX50 360° View

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