Infiniti Q50

The Q50, much like the other Infiniti cars is designed with the intention of pushing human potential. The technology used enhances senses, with striking design that demands a response and performance that makes you feel more alive. Prepare to experience the road as it was intended. The Q50 is available in 10 different exterior colours, 6 interior colours, 4 interior trims and available in 4 different wheel types.

Q50 Engineering

Choose from four advanced engines, including a 3 litre V6 twin-turbo for jaw dropping performance. Infiniti believe performance is more than just an improved driving experience, performance should unleash a more dynamic driver. This is now made apparent with the boldly displayed letter S. Whether it is more intense power, tuning or design, every Infiniti Sport model represents something special.

  • Q50S - Red Sport: The red "S" represents the highest level of performance and power in its lineup. In the Q50S, that means a 3 litre V6 twin-turbo 405PS engine.
  • Q50S Hybrid - Blue Sport: The blue "S" signifies the Q50S Hybrid that features the Infiniti Direct Response Hybrid system, a powertrain that delivers a combined system output of 364PS, for inspiring performance with efficiency at its core.
  • Q50S - Silver Sport: The Q50S Sport not only delivers an enhanced styling package and tuned setup, it also features two powerful yet fuel-efficient engines. Select either the 2.2litre Direct Injection Turbo Diesel offering 170-PS or the 2 litre Turbocharged Petrol delivering 211PS.


Unleash the intelligence and force of the Q50 and free yourself to drive precisely the way you desire. Choose between hydraulic rack-and-pinion steering or Direct Adaptive Steering (DAS) to produce an electrifying connection. The world's first Digital steering system steers quickest whilst filtering out unwanted vibrations. It also offers an array of settings to personalise performance. The Q50 also comes with; enhanced handling, more responsive braking, a continuous rush, intuitive traction and enhanced driving.

Exterior Design

Break free from convention with design that adds a new dimension to premium styling and leaves an unmistakable impression wherever you go. The double arch grille is a signature expression of the Infiniti design. The bottom arc; naturally reflects the one above which gives the Q50 a distinctive appearance. The large 19" alloy wheels are used to make the handling more responsive as well as providing the Q50 with a more athletic stance. The human-eye-like LED headlights and taillights are distinctive of the Infiniti brand. The crescent-shaped C-pillars sculpted surfaces exude elegant, fluid motion.

Traffic Technology

Intelligent technologies are always adapting to meet changing road and traffic conditions. The Lane Departure Warning and Departure Prevention systems monitor lane markings and will warn you if you start to drift. If the drift continues, the lane departure prevention system will provide slight input to ease the Q50 back toward the centre of the lane. The Infiniti inTouch Navigation system provides both a 2-D and 3-D overhead view or a 3-D birdview perspective. You can set your speed with the intelligent cruise control system that automatically adjusts your speed in slowing traffic.

Interior Design

The interior of the Q50 reveals true craftsmanship that goes into everything you see and the materials you touch. The interior is pleasing on the eye with a clear contrast on the gauges. Every button and switch is crafted with the same level of precision, so you get a consistent Infiniti feel under your fingertip. A variable herringbone weave that is softer than most standard fabrics is used on the seat belts to make them easier to pull out, more comfortable to wear and less likely to snag your finer fabrics.

Q50 360° View